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So, who's the "busybody"?

You are! And we are, too! You're busy with a full schedule of classes and we're busy doing your laundry and providing you with other time-saving services such as food & beverage delivery and house, dorm & apartment cleaning.

If you are a returning customer, please log in to your account to update your service for the Spring 2020 semester by choosing a laundry plan and completing the check out process.  If you are new to Busybody's, welcome to the "fold" of thousands of satisfied students who have enjoyed our services before you.  Please create a new account, log in, and start your service by selecting a laundry plan and completing the check out process.  We look forward to serving everyone this year!

Tuesday, June 23rd 2020, will be the last pick-up of the Spring Semester.  As usual, please have your laundry ready for pick-up by 8:00AM.  There will not be any pick-up service during the Summer Semester.  Pick-ups for the Fall Semester will resume starting Monday, August 31st.  Registration for the Fall Semester will open on July 20th. Please go to 665cool.com to renew your service for the Fall Semester any time after July 20th.


The Corona Virus has caused the University of Michigan to transition classes to an online format, which has some our customers asking if they can be refunded for their laundry service if they choose to move home.  Our refund policy posted in the FAQ of our web site states that refunds will not be given after the first 30 days of the semester.  We are continuing to provide laundry service for customers that remain on campus.  Given the unprecedented nature of events, businesses are finding themselves in the predicament of having to take care of their employees during this uncertain time, as well as their customers.  As responsible business owners, we have an obligation to provide for our employees so that they can continue to meet their family’s needs and do not suffer undue hardship.  We appreciate everyone’s understanding and support.


Laundry plan prices are pro-rated each Friday afternoon to reflect pricing for service starting the following week.


Please remember to take a look at our pick-up schedules link for information on pick-up and delivery.

 Let us know if you have any questions. 734-665-COOL.